Candidates Selected for General Election

Test Valley Green Party is delighted to announce the selection of Candidates for the forthcoming General Election.

Hina West will contest the North West Hampshire constituency.

Hina West has been selected as the prospective Green Party Parliamentary candidate for the constituency of North West Hampshire at this year’s General Election.

She previously stood in the local Basingstoke and Deane council elections, and has prior experience of working directly for the Green Party in Parliament whilst living in New Zealand.

An active resident of the Whitchurch community, where she lives with her husband and daughter, Hina is a passionate advocate for social and environmental justice issues at both grassroots and global levels with a two-decade career focused on driving sustainability across the private, public and NGO sectors.

Hina said:

“I am proud to be part of our thriving community and it would be an honour to represent my fellow constituents to ensure a bright, fairer and ultimately Greener future for us all across North West Hampshire.

“I am standing for the Green Party as I believe there is a better future within our reach. Clearly the current set up is not working: the poor are getting poorer and the sick are getter sicker, all whilst the planet’s resources are being pushed beyond its boundaries.

“And these issues are clearly prevalent within our local area. Our precious chalk stream rivers are being polluted. Mass housing development is being rushed to the detriment of local amenities and communities, with little consideration of whether the homes will be warm, let alone if they are fit for purpose and how they will affect our beautiful Hampshire wildlife and nature. Climate change is creating fluctuating weather patterns, flooding roads and fields and affecting farmers’ crops. The rising cost of living is increasing use of local food banks. The list goes on….

“The Green Party is the only voice that truly understands the full potential ahead for us, economically, environmentally and socially, offering green solutions that will improve lives of families and communities, not just quick fixes or for the benefit of a few.

“I am proud to be standing for the Green Party, and I thank all the Party members for their ongoing support for me taking on this role. Vote Green to make an actual difference for us all and for future generations to come.”

And Connor Shaw will contest the Romsey & Southampton North constituency.

My name is Connor Shaw and I am proud to be the Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Romsey and Southampton North. I have lived in Hampshire for most of my life, attending local schools where I experienced the impact of underfunding, budget cuts, and staffing concerns. These challenges have driven my commitment to improving our public services.

In my professional life, I work as an IT consultant and I have a background in public-facing roles, including as a sales associate and work in the service industry. These roles have sharpened my ability to connect with people and reinforced my dedication to community service.

My interest in green politics has grown over the years and I have found a political home in the Green Party. My motivation for entering politics is a genuine desire to make the world a better place and to serve my community. Currently, I serve as the co-policy officer for the South East Green Party and as a co-representative for the Young Greens.

My campaign focuses on environmental conservation, particularly the protection and restoration of our local chalk streams through investment and nationalisation of water services. I am also committed to significant investments in public services, including our education system and the NHS. I have personally taken We Own It’s pledge for the NHS. Additionally, I advocate for the Green Party’s ‘Right Homes, Right Place, Right Price’ charter to address housing issues. One of my key transport initiatives is to increase public transport in Hampshire, including restoring direct train services from Andover to Romsey and Southampton for the first time in over 60 years and introducing direct trains from Romsey to Winchester for the first time ever.

Beyond my professional and political life, I love travelling and exploring different cultures. My values are shaped by a desire for a better life for everyone, having grown up during times of economic recession caused by unchecked neoliberal deregulation. I stand in solidarity with oppressed communities worldwide, including the Palestinians under siege in Gaza and the global LGBT+ community, who have faced threats to their freedoms.

One of my proudest moments was delivering a speech on chalk streams outside the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA), where I advocated for the preservation of these rare ecosystems. Unlike other candidates, I am determined to hold water companies accountable and push for their nationalisation, not just use Southern Water as a photo opportunity.

If elected as MP for Romsey and Southampton North, I pledge to stand up for our constituency, resist outside pressures and advocate for a closer relationship with our European neighbours. My campaign is a call for a different kind of politics—one that is kinder, more inclusive, and genuinely focused on improving the lives of all constituents. My dedication to creating a fairer, greener future for the Test Valley remains steadfast, regardless of the election outcome.

Vote for the Green Party. Real hope, Real change. #CS4RSN

Good Luck to them both.


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